Zambia  -  South Luangwa National Park

The South Luangwa National Park located along the Luangwa River is the second largest nature reserve in Zambia measuring over nine thousand square kilometres. 
It is one of the oldest nature reserves in Africa. Already in 1938 was this area set aside as a nature reserve, and was designated as a national park in 1972.

We were visiting Zambia first time in mid August (2016). South Luangwa was recommended to us by student day friends who lived and worked (as geologists) in Zambia for tens of years. To see a variety of habitats we chose an eight days safari programme spent in three (Norman Carr Safaris) bush camps. One on the Luangwa River (Mechenja camp) and two (Luwi and Nsolo camps) situated further out to the West and deeper into the park along the seasonal Luwi River tributary . The latter enabled us to be on foot for as much as half the time, complemented by several afternoon and evening/night  drives.

Drives enable one to cover more ground and larger distances. The drives surely also are the beter way allowing closer range viewing and photographing of more wildlife, accustomed to and often even completely oblivious to the presence of cars.  Including of course also the nocturnal animal activities. Walking though is making you feel as merging as one with the wilderness. Boosting the sensations and emotions of frequently pauzed viewing, listening and smelling in pristine bush surroundings. Feeling immersed in the totality of the wilderness terrain, flora and fauna, on a much extended scale from grand vistas to minute detail. Feelings I fell deeply in love with being on foot before in the Selous game Reserve in Tanzania (1973, 2005). Feelings that we all definitely wanted to fill our minds and bodies with also this time in South Luangwa.

The below photo galleries and short photo annotations give some 'framed' impressions of the sheer beauty of this African wilderness.
However eye-catching images can be, and however vivid my recollections of their shooting may be, they simply fail to convey those intense sensations and emotions of on the ground immersion in (African) wilderness.

Photo galleries

Privacy note: Photos of safari participants are grouped in gallery 'Safari Group' (password restricted)

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