Namibia - Skeleton Coast Safari (2016)

The Namib Desert stretches over two thousand kilometres and some 200 kilometres wide along the Namibian Atlantic coast. From the border with Angola in the North to the Oranjerivier border with South Africa in the South. 

The Namib is one of the most fascinating African wilderness areas of awsome beauty and size. For the dazzling colours and endless vistas of its landscapes. For the surprising diversities of its desert-adapted fauna and flora. And, last but not least, for the beautiful native people living in the Namib desert.

Map Namibia 

Source 'Expert Africa'

The destination of our Namib journey was the Skeleton Coast Park, which occupies the Northern half of the Namib Desert. The Skeleton Coast Park beauty stretches not only as near and as far as the eye can see. It spans also across a vast swath of geological time. Its desert mountain rock formations and landscapes tell fascinating stories of geological history, time travelling back 130+ million years. To the times that the continental drift break-up of the primordial super continent 'Gondwanaland' started o.a. the development of the Atlantic ocean. 

Our travel hosts were two members of the 'Schoeman' family, who run for already decades their privately owned company 'Skeleton Coast Safaris'. Their 'Safari-B' itinerary (map, left) took us on a short four days tour by wings, wheels, and walking. It enabled us to enjoy the Namib's beauty to the fullest, viewing and photographing it from the air and from the ground. A lifetime experience.

The below four photo galleries cover in sequence the four days legs of our flying safari. With overnight stays in the three private Schoeman Skeleton Coast safaris bush camps of 'Kuidas', Leylandsdrift, and 'Kunene'. Gallery folders group the images of 'Landscapes', 'Flora and Fauna', 'Bush camps', 'Safari Group' and for Kunene also 'Local People (the 'Himba'). These galleries and short images annotations are barely enough for lifting the veil on the stunning beauty of this vast area. Nonetheless these portray the sensations and emotions of a lifetime African desert wilderness journey.

Photo Galleries

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